Three Poems by Heather Palmer


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Three Poems by Heather Palmer


To give example, let's say considering inflammation, I go
to the doctor who tells me I have poor diet. I agree immediately but
because I have no control over this city belongs to its eaters but
only the eaters know they consume themselves as they until. Until
that one eats whatever one sees on the plate not thinking that this is
not them, this will not sate. But I inquire of the doctor and she says
she only knows of him that he sits with his left leg tucked under his
right and that both his eyes look out as opposed to down. We agree
this has everything to do with inklings. Of him: "The poor man has
never eaten in his life. He can't see a thing about him." She draws
up a new diet while she says drawing drafts the city. Soon after
trains go up around us. We look at our banquet created and we say

Hunger up from us,
let's eat


Transcendobligatory Methodology

a prevalent (and grave) illness in the analytic field.
Said treatment takes two steps: termination of all
appointments with the analyst in exchange for (part
two) drinking drinks hotter than body temperature.
She recommends rosebud, lemongrass and
honeysuckle immediately and brings a concoction
of syrups with instruction to drink five times a day
without repeat. I heal disease in days


Studies on asceticism, cannibalism, and Jainism lead back to beginning. With the subtraction of I. Do not believe death to be the only end of hunger. Jainism proposes the opposite: death as owned hunger. Cannibalism as the temporary fulfillment of one human hunger in place of another

waiting despite irrelevancy
mouths crowding silence

Heather Palmer holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute
of Chicago and has current or forthcoming work in Willows Wept Review, Lamination Colony,
Radioactive Moat, Omphalos 8, elimae, Storyglossia, Everyday Genius, Spork Magazine and more. A recent novella, Charlie's Train, has been published with the2ndhand. She writes and works in
Chicago, but hails from Pennsylvania.