sporklet 16
Dustin Stephens

just one word: fold
up the night: only
listen, and lean in.


hot wind still flickers:
the crow only occasionally perches:
the wire outline.


all outlines are: a word sketched
in space: holding the image
along with its absence.


the wires hum: the words:
cool and crackling: secrets
jumping, arcing across the sky.


crows shuffle back and forth:
four blocks from my bed: I do not
know: why I know this.


I do know: here, night
is: a swallowing:

of wind and waiting.

Dustin Stephens is a recent graduate of UC-Davis, where he studied human development, education, and music. He can now be found searching for new books, films, or music in Goodwills across Northern California. His work has been published in The Birds We Piled Loosely, The Broken City, and 'buddy. a lit zine,’ and can be found at variousversesblog.wordpress.com.