sporklet 4
Matt Truslow


Sound’s gone now

Get those words out of your mouth and into your heart.

what’s locked in and gone now is

Lester’s crown—found to fit nothing well

O tunnel-fond is he knotted bright

gravity heating the blood and breath

star-like pox I thought to friend

and so you, Lester, are

that which I am fraught with

sound and sight of darkening song

awake and dead in the dreaming mouth /

            Lester’s window words refract


puddles of sound / the pronouns I think

I have compounded in Lester


O ghost pronoun no one fits       that Lester is

Sound’s gone now

what shit substance am I           or in

this bound unit, blood-gagged and badly crowned

Lester’s hot guts, blood and breath        O

bleed and breathe you sonic image

what you are seen to say you are           now

tell me friend                 who are you

           locked in the tangent I’m lost on…

tradition… louder than song… more dark than mountain…

friend or fraught cog?              that I could call you    Matt

and be formed of that static I am


which is and been a long returning pull of dream of Lester

a thing I made to mourn for


Lester—I am and have dream

have pulled “dust” out the dust there

Sound’s gone now

star-like coat I think formed in   bright gravity

where we are, old friend? Now at our costumes’

song-bound tangent      O      now again away

and aware of this influence and tradition’s

the image in fluid—cup of drugs down open throat

my costume’s 100% coda, all palm fronds

and incanted vocab, all pronouns are mine

to bind and bend, make bombs and friends


make Lester dance when I’m drunk and fall down a lot

cause’ the gardens are shitty cause’ I dance on them


O lovely ghost again coaxed out

this dream and haunting species

this trick song mimics (in magic) sounds real

Sound’s gone now

a unit bound in place in thinking it’s

like I am—I think and am placed

sweater-clad and 25 years, fatter than last

in January Colorado, cooking the laundry, mine

Lester’s blue under the scars, tequila-bright

slush under foot, gravity in the guts of costume

my liar’s heavy crown like nothing          fits like a cog

           in Lester like two fraught cogs in a bomb


were it easy, I’d fix me for a lover

but for me it’s not


Lester’s throat and lilting quiver

therein—as an arrow goes—his voice

sonic image bound—song          real handcuffs

on imaginary wrists the trick’s (in escaping) real

Sound’s gone now

wrists are what’s escaped          there, reality!

a handy flashlight for the mountain dark

more dark than mountain and nothing saw Lester

            a managed image of imagined absence

then Lester, now apparent in magic, went to it

            I am ever my pronouns, their predominance

challenged and—I think—justified


fondled by moths in a sweater, clad so

25 years and not once seen my bones


the arrow—shot—makes a mouth in the heart

where I speak and say nothing

of substance      O wound invoked now

the fucking blood and fucking breath of Lester

takes an arrow to find I imagine

Sound’s gone now

bent in January spasm and cold

more dark than mountain, brighter than gravity

is the fear of death, our compound tangent, January Colorado

O slushy underfoot       the blue-dark heart is

so harnessed by the binding chest

with what wire of mind I am


the memento mori now again some other skull

than someone else’s, then mine


Lester’s that singing that I

assumed easy, and thought’s so taught me now

to close what ghosts breach in binding

and thin what signal those poems enclose

so finite’s the dusk. dust.    what.

now tell me, Lester Lovely, what you think

Sound’s gone now

the trick is, Matt, to make real magic

to darken what is     (is seen, is heard)      from song

            there is singing—sound and sight of Lester

as seer-bright fits of nearness played

on venom-white violins

the fear of death           so poems are made

a harness the heart tricks on / song

Matt Truslow is a poet living in Fort Collins, Colorado. He thanks Sporklet for publishing these poems and you for reading.