sporklet 11

From Midnight’s Talking Lion and the Wedding Fire

Researcher in Ghent studying Europe, generally, sees through

part of a cell, which lives nondescriptly, figurative interaction,

usually connected to a small nucleus of self-affirming anything.

Trouble hermetic reason, people’s devotion: often you are not,

an individual, all by yourself… small-group kinship believes

in lead-up to strike precisely on this journey to a gorgeous

model who binds an idea augmented by the cités.




Less than one mile up the road never run out of the things you

never knew you wanted, dissidents, and depth of feeling, which

is why the arts threat the “un- degenerate,” thus a logical focus

for fury freedom, a psychic experience of unconventional

activities which indicate the world rather than it. Using

the fewest words to create detailed death where power lies

in the act of the not only animal, celluloid hero, fallow lies.




Feeding enlarged clan consciousness that peculiar identification

nationality with one’s soul emerges turned-inward

pride no longer concerned only public affairs but private

difference between chauvinism tribal nationalism: one is

extroverted, concerned with nation’s visible spiritual material

achievements, still points something real in the past elevated

into realm beyond human control; whereas other, introverted,

on the individual’s soul the embodiment of general national

qualities from nonexistent pseudomystical elements which

it proposes to realize fully in the future arrogance in its self-

concentration, which dares to measure a people, its past

and present, by yardstick of exalted inner qualities

and inevitably rejects its visible existence, tradition, institutions,

and culture. Always insists own people surrounded by “world

of enemies; one against all;” fundamental difference exists

between this people all others claims its people be unique,

individual, incompatible with others, denies possibility

of common mankind long before it is used to destroy humanity

of man. Or so.




It is said with blinkers, real needs spring from people which

enables them hold out war structures – which become first

institutions of peace? Future children of present fire: shipped

home or assimilated, disappear, to be replaced by not enough;

inhabitant of new mother country. How patient he dreams

counting rich men powerfully armed while waiting for decisive

victories, or tires out. There are mopping-up operations,

transfers of population, this man begins life at the end of it;

he accepts this risk, has lost; prefers victory to survival. Men

at his expense.




Could be a person, thing, concept, pathological projection,

cipher for desire, even nothing at all—“Work, the chase far

from being a means to glorify god and one’s own godliness

pursues “a cluster of relations” that forges an (at times uneasy)

alliance between Sacred and Profane while linking self to other

social actors in Egypt, Pakistan, France, Nigeria at earlier

moments in the long twentiethfirst century.

Adam Day is the author of the forthcoming collection of poetry, Left-Handed Wolf (LSU Press, 2020), and of Model of a City in Civil War (Sarabande Books), and the recipient of a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship for Badger, Apocrypha, and of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. His work has appeared in Lana Turner, APR, Denver Quarterly, Volt, Kenyon Review, Iowa Review, and elsewhere. He also directs the Baltic Writing Residency in Sweden, Scotland, and Blackacre Nature Preserve.