Discover educations, elation, study and research
the fine liens, so we all might go altogether, all go
together. Strings, like a guitar, notational of
the daily things with collateral abundance of ideas
and systems to express them. Develop me into
someone like Eliot Ness. Protractor man, elevator to
where we don’t know, its cloudy like Tiepolo,
glowing. The worst thing is that.
There is no answer, and that is the answer. There
has never been any answer. So what. Corona
del Mar! Toward the anachronism of the faithful
we march. My focus is out, the dreds are whipping.
Travel on, we got to travel. This is the place where I
was. Purpose: transcendence and immanence. Potencies
and princelings all to themselves. Both lack a
certain love for roses, Mohammed however, mentions
them everywhere as he tells us: The world
is a translation of the heavenly.





                        —"legerdemain in the Elaboratory"
                                    Ronald Johnson (ARK  72)—

Now, what do you want to do about frankincense,
patchouli oil or vetiver, all tools of Satan, decriminalized
nonetheless and disguised as glassy liquids of desuetude?
Also, the loved one is appearing as a big Harlequin
great dane. Lovely dark guy. Doesn’t slobber either. Like
some I know. Pines, vale of heavenly rest, all. Yikes, rest?

Lay down and dream we have been intersecting all along
as if there is no help for it. Melpomene for instance is dancing
on our noses. Fractured toe of hers don’t help much though.
Porticules, curly cues, pool cues, actor signs, boots: all blew
up in a big cool Flaubertian lack of distance. You know
blah blah blah, c’est moi. Dillinger, Rimbaud? Especially if.

What is modernity? Can I read to you from the first Iris
Murdoch novel? Potential daybed, that one. It’s all over anyway,
Peak Freens and Dentyne stuck in the hair. Frangipani, I am
tempted to think, is an oil too. Echo things nosewise. Rosewater
burns the eyes apparently. Things don’t come together so
well. Swelling sense of direness zips u up, gordo. Funny name
for a dog, twirling in the starry eye.





Afflatus of engninery, divina vocabule, Portia generates
a cloud of soul, silkiness developes plenary hypnocracy
we emuliate or betterment to congratule a miniscule
of Caroline. Euphrates Piscatory. Hen finery is on tour, C.

vain vanity we mirror Wegee evenfully. Congeals loverly on
our congoleum, consequently immoderately resigned are
we. Plea after Plea, Plie. Ex cathedra is usefully dude
like and characteristical charismatical felt near to fieldom.

Fiefs and drums. Platoons of boony . . .Basta my Tonto.
Circule and Decembrist, revolute to prostitute Oronokoo
and his(her) friends, in the manner of Miss Rosa, soul sol
iloquy of heartrent bent feelies sent soi-mysteriously sigh

ing flew the aire. Compton, Conrad, Consald, Consuela
or Cicero’s conscience? The appellation was Quentin. Fina
lly. Pretious life bloode. Expensive batiment. Dying to fool
youngers flung her roses & all, outward bd. Tied up tight.

Think timely thyme. Shadowy motes of mean head diadem.
Chrysanthemum, Poppy, Tranquilizer divinity. The old one.
Veils over finery, bombs over the sea, soldiers de la sud. En
trance on the left, band of binies. Trackless citizenry, beet

riled up pistachery. A green cake, finally. Ukase, a decree, a
fierce metabolic. Blinds, wisteria, clears floors, etc. Enough
mind motion to set hollerin the body. Plashless fleshy boll.
The carillon decides deciduously to die. Hidden openly too.





tween blu blink documentas, left to trip us up, tripe!
marx fleas he beard, how wintery, wise, whippetlike
not a bit. wipe us up, platoon. forge, frag, frak, lope
on n on big dogs. lianas, too lee ann thee wing,
speculatory ocean, blue willow cups. ming dynasty
four the sure. pling swansdown, fellowtravels
corporeal enfringement, haps, hoops, en
cour agment, augmented cour, knees floating, boating
to jello. pass onto junior clutch. status? fragmentary
at paramounting, delusionary as to the pangyrical part
headley, try instead englandery: encre de chine, fire
upon the studs, tea is bean servieted. what rivets too
documents? whist reeds, viola. sin ordinaire? without
ramby trembling brow to flow, art documents. pixie texts
wan fablier, lune, lang loverboy. oh those. lists parabola,
catalogs: singlefile instances, bullets, dots, swiss people.
categories distingue, inventorial screets, delineal rolls to
prove husbandary. fangled tripods hermetic, harmonic,
iambic alcmans, do something bout something. The role
and rile of, minimim mim oh florida, flor de
duh, save her fell lollies, perpetual crème rinse. caravel
of loneliness, sperando, placando un weaves wreaths
mouse, swaths, carpe diem per diem. scape savanarola
cede to savannah, sprint of spice, flange of tulle, speck!
ah, behind is flamenco, beginning caesura, keeping.
plateau, poetry suitsm think, corrigible beanie, we
ought out. potentiary penetentials, cascade midflower
mindflows smelt melt, vulcanic type. spock spekes to
us as doctor carnate, capatious heartbeat, aw in miniatory
combos, the coll. works of gnome c, last fleece treats,
exeunt fairies, bye bye, longtime.