(of sorts, as far as is possible)

Some months after the first diary was published we all decided to sit down and have a good look through it (there had been some complaints).
We found:
     1.         errors in printing (back to front,
                (upsidedown etc.)
     2.   Errors in text (misguided
          generalisations, general falsehoods, etc)
     3.    Errors in Illustrations (usual kind
          of thing, etc)
     4.   Mixed Up Themes (not knowing what you’re talking about, etc)
     5.        General errors (to do with v.
           basic things like difference, etc)
     6.   Errors of a Moral Kind (too much
           evil on one page e.t.c.)
                                                                              —David Shrigley                           


That night he has a dream. He’s building a machine... He’s trying to blueprint the impossible.” That’s how we opened the project, these words from the first Editor’s Pages. Has anything changed? Not really. Drew and I are still Hansels lost in the woods, looking for maps, looking for a trail away from doom, but we did what we could for as long as we could. Sure, sometimes there were thumbprints in the pumpkin bread, but overall it was noble work. An honor and a pleasure. Six years ago we asked only that you come over to our house and play with us. Thank you all for coming over and playing with us.

—Richard Siken