The imbecility of our condition is such that things cannot, in their natural simplicity
and purity, fall into our use; the elements that we enjoy are changed. —Michel de Montaigne

What is black and white and read all over?
A nun in a blender —Anonymous

Candid ivory solely ease, goblets light pour cooly men sigh
to the home whose good wit regales a splendid eye gazing. —L. Zukofsky from Catullus

Aguiser l’ouie (forme de torture)
Sharpened hearing (a form of torture) —Marcel Duchamp

When the immune system is comprised by illness, toxins, heavy metals,
antibiotic use, parasites, steroids, over-acidity, etc., the normal yeast present
in our bodies, called Candida, can “morph” from being a beneficial yeast into
a harmful fungus. —Dr. Oxygen



un morceau d’espirit sec


ain’t sacristan. More like ass saccharine,
St. lacks an enlightened opinion.

Marquis Maximilien soda me.
When a regular secular despot gets his

heretic on.



raison suffisante et eclairee


Clarity, charity, justice. Cream puff
with church-glaze, raisin souffle.

                                                                          To the last
batch of suffering: let’s raise up a cha-
lice and pray, may our pastries rest in.



maux d’estomac parfaits


Francois Marie Isadore de bacteria.
Not classic exactly, but precise,
plum perfect strategy. A tactical
attack on the papacy:

                        tapioca stomata

                        pistachio par excellence



tout dans le bon gout


Prostitutes looting the diocese.
Damn philosophes freebooting antacid

                        and canned good.

                        Fanatical devotees of Voltaire
bolt with the free food. To be truly
taciturn: absolution is all in the




avoir l’ouie violette


His royal grimace turns Turkish like
taffy, pinkish then purply, ave erring.

Phonetically, Louis casts his havoc up-
on the castle. Wits clear, he’s gone

bonafiable, lite gravity.



la connaissance joue le ravage


A kindest most humble intestine will
unravel at the rising cost of redemption.
Rioting humdrumming commoners:
the tantrum inside ‘em is so jejune.

                                                The emperor’s yeast
infection, Easter’s emptier.



chaque diabolique est expulse


Constantinople will retch up its evil
cholic logic and lick the bowl like it’s

bile means analytical and in depth:
pepto-skepticism is a recipe for.



la verite est un fouet de miracle


The truth is:

                        with eggs, flour, and vinegar,
any thinking peasantry can resurrect
the experiment, all future Robespierres
may sprinkle some sugar,

                                                            and presto:
                                                 whip up a mutiny.



ironie mordante


is more than a magic wafer, or an
all-embracing faith in propaganda.

It’s been established daresay ordained,

            like crotch on a stick,
                                    or brains of a bishop,

irony is an edible answer: and



d’avec sa langue


lick broken bread or brittle rhetoric,
a little bit of it is colossal
                        and a lot is just a crumby

Then some tongue will slip us.
The licorice and. Sass:

                        kiss my bum system.



la recette por le desastre


Re-spit in the toilet and observe it.

If it floats, our priest has a parasite.
If it grows legs, our dessert is surely

            amphibious: simple physics

            ices this delicious syllogism.



la loie d’oeuf et d’effet


Let’s eat Jesuit.

duff, in lieu of, rumors or hearsay:

                        I am the buffet of.
I am the lolly in question. I am
shameless and here for the offering.



la chute ajuste le crime


Charlemagne’s chewing will diminish
sufficiently, that’s Newton’s first law
of tetanus:

                                    Lockjaw is no joke.
the one where the bunny says
                                                                        to the chef:
Stew you.
                           The punishment isn’t even.



tout est pour le meilleur


New Testament:
That critical milieu will lead you straight
to the guillotine.

Pure torture. Short crisp sentenses.

Off with his dish. The King must diet.
Long live the resistance. Bring on the





ecraser le jambon infame


Sweet geometry: oblique Absolute

Let’s recommend ourselves to calamity,
and cram it, with crass, contradiction.

Rhyme famished whiz finished, bone



au revoir la bonne poir


                                                                        It’s over.

Lombards, Moors, and barbarians revolt
and reform their ire. It all ended so
splendid, insipid: the whole of this humor-
less sally. No more surprises, thank you.

                        So lozenge, frankly, so lime.