What I have come to know after love or long white winter spent
inside the panes, swilling Triaminic:
ruddy guilt is kept up in brown cement-
like tubs. It knows this story's bent is parabolic—
the rubine scent of onions in the air, geometry
yielding no answer but line and plane, a kind of armistice.
Blood leaping to the snow below from newfound cuts in me,
my belly tender with the AM jabs of song. Is this
the refutation or the proof? The patch of lightning-white lichen
shifting in the night beneath the cedar's toes,
the compost pile combusting, rhubarb in fruition; mica
slivers tucked away in burlap bags for later; monarchs caught and in the throes
of new jar death—meat-eater, beauty, poisonous to birds;
or viceroy, the corollary, mocker; there is no truth in words.



  I was told that French was true
the only true that I could know
that television brought the news
through the snow across the lake in both languages
that static burns your skin like snow
that coeur and jouer are not pronounced the same
that creve is cleft and hearts are rent
in two along the borders of the states
that dotted line set out on maps

that crossing the International Bridge
like Orpheus in a hearse
my knowledge of mythology being slim
my efficiency on lyres unrenowned
the word seeming like it should have a k:
unreknowned or unrenowkned
or something Canadian like ice or amethyst
that k mobile like a buzzing phone
that lights up like a heart in a theatre
where The Waterboy is playing
dubbed into French and thusly
is not as funny.

Hearts are dim inside
when seen; they rarely pulse
or beat like in the films
or buzz like in Operation.
They sit there on your plate
when removed, like stars
years away and awful.




  This poem        like you, my armless brother
is broken up and gold; its skin wet
with dreaming cysts        lines
that bust and bubble up from beneath
the milky epidermis, from some new and hidden
surly organ that, from the body's basement, breathes.

Its skin displays the features of disease,
the controlled blood dots       scabs,
the sores and holes that lay
still open to the air              unresolved
like the failure of a rhyme
to click         the lack of stitch
that brings the meaning
to a close.

The faceless specialists
inform me of its gaps
deliver the sad prognosis
say I must give you up
my brother        my poem
that I must turn you over
to scans and white machines
analysis and anesthetic.

Meters will surround your bed
keeping tabs on your progression
but of course there's nothing they can do.
It's written in the words
those cords         so taut
that tie your ropy DNA
to mine           to our gasping grandfather
and the machine that kept him breathing

and to all the collecting dead
that line the family's halls
like mourners cut in black
along an aisle
through which your flawless

armless body, brother,
slowly moves
in its march
down to the flame.





Angel of Incidence
Angel of Dream Violence
Angel of Reflection
Angel of Ziebart Rustproofing
Angel of Huge Snow
Angel of Gasoline Stored in the Basement
Angel of Phosphorus Bits Found on the Tracks
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Angel of Carob
Angel of Domestic Beer
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Bruised Angel
Angel of Difficulty in Brushing Your Gums
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Sexy Nurse Angel Who Is Featured in Many Good Dreams
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Angel Who Is Anatomically Correct Much to My Surprise
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