ISSUE 9.1 — SPORK 9.1: The Middles of Things. Five novel middles written for Spork, featuring middles by James DiGiovanna Jana Martin Steven Tagle Fortunato Salazar Drew Burk. Interstitials by Amelia Gray and illustrations by Sharon McGill. 180 pages. 8.25" x 5.5".

There are two versions available. Both are hardback. Sidesewn is 12 bucks plus shipping. Fully sewn is 25 bucks plus shipping.

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Fully Sewn - 25 bucks

into the middle of things"— is a technique where the narrative starts in the middle of the story instead of from its beginning. The characters, setting, and conflict are often introduced through a series of flashbacks or through characters telling each other stories. Narrative is not always told in sequential order. Narrative is not always complete, not always.


- Richard Siken, The Sticky Part (Introduction to Spork 9.1)