John Beer "Lucinda" (go back)

57 pages

Letterpressed raw board cover

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spork press

Holy paper! A big throne falls. Here we are.
We are true and you are strictly speaking
Amazing. I used to think about you all the time,
Even before the first idea. In this mirror
That you are I cannot see myself. (I cannot
See anything.) I am wonderful in love.


Only here it is: I have a harmonica
Or complete humanity. No trains around.
Just those shapes that last forever,
Blinking their eyes at me and opening
Their arms, as if to enclose me for good.
How flighty and holy the trains of the soul!


Let’s go outside. The words are matted trouble.
But even as I’m in the pull of appearances,
I gotta keep repeating the uncreated feeling
Of our primordial thing. Big future winks me
Into the mystic, uncountable new births.