sporklet 13
Jen Frantz

Close Reading

I am honed now, enough

and gladly miming

what I would like to do

for scholars: sit and open,

page 28, lady in love—

what makes her watching

different? I like it, and

I’ll say that I like it,

when she quotes

herself in conversation.

It’s time, you might

say, for the audience

to become a crowd.

“Demoted” is your

word, if you’re still

predicting from

the balcony. The girl

opens a book, bites

the tip of her pencil

while the music

builds—the crowd

is wrong, “wrong”

being a way to dig in.

Thanks be to quotation.

Page 28, lady in lust:

I am honed now, enough,

nobody’s snail, nobody’s

leisure at the window.

I like it, and I’ll say

that I like it when

she promotes herself

more concisely than

what we suppose

after it. Years behind,

the educated guess is

when to leave

what you love to hear.

Jen Frantz currently works at a library in Ohio. Her poems have been published in Prelude and Peach Mag, and are forthcoming in Soft Punk and Ethel.