sporklet 2
Dara Wier

(Three Poems)


This Is All There Is

If you want to begin you have to go all the way back
to when you never were.


It is far.

Maybe too far to go there.


The good news:  nothing to pack, nothing to forget.
Look, how it is if you find yourself thinking


about your life your tiny little real true own personal private precious life,

and the life of eternity, don't do it.


If you find yourself saying things to yourself like well, the universe

and all time seems to be about 10,000 trillion years ago at least, don’t do it


If you find yourself thinking there has been, there is, there will be.

Stop it.


Don't do it.

If you find yourself thinking about all the suns and the moons


and the stars and the comets and the rivers & oceans and mountains and trees.

& mud, & birds, & stories of all kinds & insects & fish & rodents and cats & dogs &


horses & all exponentially exploded views of time,


(some lonesome comet might zero in on us

right this minute!),  don't do it. 


It will turn you into a poet.

The Hyper-commodified, Intensively Informated and Net-worked Performance-driven Conditions of Late Capitalism

It's going to be exquisitely awkward


(keeping myself suspended)


over this quicksand


I loved when I liked when I lived when I believed


this moon of ours trying to be transparent


I liked the time


satellite dishes and trompolines had intercourse


One of 10,000 ways of saying with emphasis


I had not suffered enough


Never enough before the Loud House of Terrible Blows & Glances




The Noisy Place


The Home of No Quietude


(keeping ourselves in suspended animation)


There is no such place as the place of late capitalism


I will never not ever no matter what be able to suffer enough

Too Much Infinity

Can there really ever be enough
to warrant


Is more






As for


what's next,


it is


the same


as once more what's more.


And who is it who gives


what's more a little more


what for?


And after that another


more for the page


that wants to be turned,


for the word


saying say next word next.


I'll have another.


Just a little more.


More where more came from before.


How what we can't have has us.


Beyond behind everything something


Like when someone said he's a small person wanting to be big.


And I thought I have to think about that.


And I thought it is almost exactly like

when someone says what is it you don't understand

when after you say you've lost something

someone says and so where did you lose it?

Dara Wier’s newest work, You Good Thing (Wave Books), a book of grief-fueled sonnets cast as spells to bring back the dead, lost, misplaced and missing, is a BELIEVER’S Readers Choice for 2014.  Her most recent books from Wave include Selected Poems and Reverse Rapture, a book-length quasi-narrative recording of the adventures of a band of comrade vagabonds, brothers and sisters, out in a lost world protecting one another.  Along with Emily Pettit and Guy Pettit, Wier publishes books, chapbooks, broadsides, and comics via Factory Hollow Press, the publishing aspect of Flying Object, a nonprofit arts laboratory in Hadley, Massachusetts, founded and directed by Guy Pettit in 2010. She teaches poetry workshops and form & theory seminars for the MFA for Poets and Writers, University of Massachusetts Amherst.