Graffiti Signatures by Cody Todd

Oct 09 2012 Published by under Poetry

Graffiti Signatures:

haiku stenciled between storefronts along Melrose Avenue:

Silhouettes through ice:
I battled Tyrannosaurs
for the bronze-medaled world.

Timelessness akin
to a Cyclops doll blinking
mosquitoes away.

Waxen effigies.
Take my face. Take every dime.
Mannequin malice.

Crazier than light.
Like water, beating itself.
Black face, white face, yours?

Banksy One-Thousand:
is an original thought
worth mindless quotings?

Mural for Cody:
I am you; you are not me.
We will meet halfway.
Cody Todd is the author of Graffiti Signatures (forthcoming, Main Street Rag) and lives in West Hollywood. His favorite haunt is the Formosa Cafe, where Lee Marvin is reputed to have set fire to the entire block between Willoughby and Santa Monica Blvd (aka US Route 66). You can find him pacing around the Venice boardwalk to catch his bearings at least once a month. He is also the Managing Editor & co-creator of the online literary journal, The Offending Adam (

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