2 Poems by Suzanne Marie Hopcroft

Nov 12 2011



Orchids how sweet not to

want you would be a felony

they say do you know your

rock heartless when you meet

it on the sidewalk a yolk baby

is frying up my brains won?t

break this will too soon so


give me just a few more

millennia to trim the wick

she tells me back away slow

from the blaze is burning up

her carnival ember pupils

know a refrigerator when they

see one two three pistol go!




Give me your breath and

I?ll sew you the



what is this un-

wisdom about putting the

needle to tin and not to

gauze your benjamins make

a nice cloak in the day but

I?m stitching up a prettier

story with my thumbs and

brain one that?ll

shine across your

back as you rise and


fall seriously

friend take the

moon-milk and








Suzanne Marie Hopcroft
is a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Yale University and writes from New York City. Her poetry and fiction have recently appeared or will soon appear in PANK, Everyday Genius, and Gargoyle. Suzanne also teaches composition at Hostos Community College in the Bronx.


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