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2 Poems by Sean Neville

Jun 26 2012 Published by under Poetry

H o w ? s y o u r d a y g o i n g ?

The cashier in my local chain says
how?s your day going. He wants to know if
I have any plans for the wknd. I?m going
to the rodeo and afterwards it?s
BBQ and game. He?s going to say sweet
and spicy tea but I don?t let him, I say who do
you like and he says the Potato Heads and I say
my money?s on the other guys and with some spare
ribs inside me you know I?ll be in the zone.
He knows and I?m making him hungry and horny
but he started this and I want my social.
I want the works with beans on the side.
His whiskers are radiating big message.
His eyes are filled with amber ale.
Yes, I do think those chocolate covered pretzels
are hot and I?ll be eating them at half-time.
They?ll gild my lily good I say.
He knows all about that. I feel my voice
coming back to me after a long separation
a minor third higher. It says my address is
33 Cromwell, the pool is heated. He?s there.
I build a street of houses,
I name one 33,
I build a louche pool and heat it,
I make some buddies from old files,
I meet the cashier there
and we plug ourselves in.


Mi-Mi Coffee Cup

Deathmouth, shut up.
I have digitized peoples.
Because that?s who I am.
Haters of fried baloney,
get off my roof. I don?t know
if I should say death camp
right now. Maybe I should
say death diamond instead
or death shot. Perhaps
death kiss 100. I continued again
as follows: let?s go rococo.
The death camp is not a flirtation,
it?s for real and it justifies the going
rococo. I cannot have the going
rococo without the death camp
and the death camp
just happened around me
and is no singular event either,
not by a long shot is it not.
I?m not a resident okay
but I?m managing death every day.
That?s where I met the princess
still clutching her snowboard,
still pointing to her favorite idea,
still shaking a dry wrist at a bare tree.

Sean Neville: Writer, filmmaker ( ). Born in London, moved to Chicago, age 10. Now in San Diego. Other publications in Blaze-Vox, Folly, White Whale Review, Streetcake (UK). Currently affiliated with the University of California, San Diego.

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