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Spork News — Bitter but with style.


Richard made Drew wear the dress again today. It's got something to do with the money, but nobody's saying anything about it, so the details are unclear. Probably unimportant anyway. The dress, mostly blue, just below the knees and puffy shoulders, was unflattering.

Jake, too focused on ridiculing Drew (who was, it should be noted, wearing the dress as well as it could be worn), cut off the tip of his left index finger, again. The impressive thing here is that he sliced it along the scar from when he last cut if off. Hello Kitty bandages were passed all around, though Andrew scoffed and demurred.

In a script meeting now, discussing the film, and there's more talk about how it's fine if Drew wants to take the dress off already than there is about the film. Drew's not paying attention. He just keeps crossing his legs.