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Drew Burk — A Selection of the images scattered about the Spork site


The images (you can click on them and they'll change, you know -- not on this post, but on the site itself, I mean) are all film, and none were edited. We used a Polaroid 600, a Fuji Instax, Holgas and Dianas. We don't use the Polaroid or Fuji anymore. Right now it's just the Diana. They're mostly all Tucson. We keep adding to the pile. This isn't the whole pile, this is just a bunch of them. The cat is Mr. Nakamura, Spork's porch spirit -- a stray who was here before we were, keeping things chill in the yard (Mr. Nakamura died 12/04/10). The chickens are the Spork chickens: Buffy (Orpington), Willow (Rhode Island Red) and Cordelia (Barred Rock). We bind right next to the chicken coop, so they're often annoyed with us. The hot sauces are Spork's hot sauces. The chickens lay eggs: we eat burritos. Except for Shuta, that is. He doesn't like eggs. Andrew Shuta is weird.