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Jake Levine — re: rejection letters


These are responses to a rejection I wrote.

//Dear Jake

Thats fine that you don't want to or even like my poetry, but you don't have to be such a cock sucker when replying I bet you are one of those "poets" Who cares less about content and more about sticking furry mammals up your tight pathetic ass. Have a great life and fuck the hell off!

Love and kisses//


//Ahhhhhhh, I have just been to your site.....I thought you said you were not looking for cliche, of which the first 3 poems I read were full of. I'm glad you gave me a pass, I would not want to be in such company. Again, fuck off! If there were ever a glass house to throw stones from, it would be yours, or more precisely, that pathetic excuse for a site you have.Many thanks, for keeping me clear of that gutter of a rag.