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Drew Burk — But, more importantly...


I've spilled my coffee twice today, and can't seem to string words together successfully when talking to people, just kinda trailing off in the middle of a sentence, not even giving anyone the benefit of an ummm or a stammer -- they're not even pauses, and it's not even really trailing off, I just stop and don't start up again. Usually it's a thing where I'll switch topics or just jumble my sentences all together and then my hands'll go up and draw some pictures in the air, sketching it all out and then I say: Okay, so I was talking about this... and then I finish the original thing. But not today. Today I'm just not functioning. And I guess that's all right, since I haven't really left the house and I've only had to fail to speak to a couple people.

But, like I said, more importantly:

Dan Beachy-Quick's new chapbook, Overtakelessness, the first in Spork Press' new chapbook series, is available now. You can get it straight from us, or if you're a shopping type and happen to be either in Portland or Los Angeles, you can pick up a copy at Powell's or at Stories. We'll be lining up other stores too, but for the moment, that's where they are, in addition to being here with us.

And a funny thing about stores -- see, we went on a little road trip last week, wandering into stores as we came to them, thinking it'd be nice to meet people and introduce ourselves, hold the book out to them with our very own hands and say See what we made? and in almost every store we got confusion in response. All I was trying to do was hand them a copy, give them some information and let them sit with the book and we'd just talk about it later, but getting that idea across was, in almost every instance, close to impossible. "It's a book of poetry," I'd say. "We publish books, we make them with our hands..." and I'd get a kind of blank stare, the people not knowing just what the hell I wanted them to do about it... and me, in one store, going over to the poetry section, finding other books by Dan, bringing them back over and saying "See? These are other books by this author. I'm the publisher... of this one". So yeah, maybe the personal approach isn't the best way to go about it. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought, you know, they sell books, and we make books... but still I don't know what I was thinking. I smiled and everything. I don't get it.

The point is that Dan's book is available, and it's beautiful, and we make it with our hands and with our letterpress and with our printer and with old Pantone test sheets and vellum and bookboard and thread and glue and you should have it.