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Jake Levine — FreeWheelin And Dealin


I've been away, gone, blowed out or up, not blown, but blowing in Portland and now I'm on Drew's computer in Tucson, but only here for a day for my cousin's bat-mitzvah, and then I'm gone to LaLa for a good few days... then we'll do what we always do. Make some shit pop and cut ourselves with sharp objects that we use to wield raw materials into literary objects that will reach you when you get them and then you will read them and applaud wildly, dropping the book, and won't cease to clap until the skin on your hands rub off. Then you'll try to read the books with your feet. This is a very hard feat. Bad Pun, Pad Bun Etc...

Anyway, so this is a secret, but maybe not.... Chapbooks by Dan Beachy-Quick, mwah, Gordon Massman, Zachary Schomburg, Drew Krewer we're cracking at. It'll be a hell of a hot summer. You can buy prototypes of Dan's book and my book at Powell's, if you happen to be in P-Town, have a PBR at Tube for me.