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Drew Burk — More work, more Hobart.


Hobart's not all we do. We've got lots to show, but it's late and we've been working 12-16 hours a day and we're all wrecked and besides, the only thing I want to show you right now is the cover we did on the press for the Hobarts we're making -- the Hobarts which will be completed tomorrow (which is today, which is I'm gonna sleep a few hours and get up and start working again)

But this is the cover:

I spent about three hours cutting the block -- Andrew did a line drawing of one of the goats (we're calling them goats) off the Hobart cover, and I transferred it to a block and cut it, then we printed it twice on the big press (we used the little press tonight too, but we're not showing you that project yet), then high-fived each other a bunch and talked about how we rock and then Andrew went home, and I drove Jake home and now it's this, and this is a closer look at the print we did:

And now's the part where I go into the other house and I fall over and think about all the cool things we're doing, and then get up and do them some more.

Lastly, here's a couple action shots of me and Jake cutting things -- notice the bandages. We cut ourselves almost as often as we cut the things we intended to cut. Hello Kitty makes everything better (thanks for sharing your bandages with us, Trillian).


This is an action shot mid-printing. Jake and Drew in awkward poses, Andrew looking cool as ever.

That's it for the moment. Good night. Oh, and did you notice there's poetry on the Spork site? Did you?