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Drew Burk — What the hell are you doing?


Hobart and Spork go way back. There was that time, in Spokane, it was Spork and Hobart against a bunch of mafia. We're not allowed to talk about it, so don't tell anyone we said anything. And then that time Hobart bailed Spork out of jail in Boston when Spork thought it'd be a good idea to rob that Stop-N-Go. Then when Hobart's girl dumped Hobart because she said she'd never loved anyone like she loved Spork, Spork straight up kicked her to the curb and bought Hobart some whiskey and said that Spork'd make some Hobarts and it was all gonna be all right.

These images are us, binding copies of Hobart 11: The Great Outdoors. We do things in the dark here, so the lighting for the shots was bad.

Drew's arms

Andrew sewing