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Drew Burk — Go on and upgrade it, I dare you.


Our backend's been outdated and the man working on hacking it said "Hey, I see there's a version 1.8.2, why are you using 1.3.1? And I said... and I said nothing and then I said Hell if I know, and then I thought how I coulda sworn I upgraded and then I figured I probably didn't, so. So I did and if you were looking at the Spork site at any time in the past five hours you'd've seen it go through a whole shitload of changes, and now I can't even remember what the hell it used to look like and.

The thing is how to get the Poetry and the Fiction to play nice on the page, and how to give a structure that makes the authors happy and gives the reader what they want. I know the structure and I know how it should work and it's how it's worked in the past and I suspect what's happened is that there was a single author who might have yelled at me, and though I don't listen to the people when they're yelling at me, I think some part of my brain heard it and must have thought his complaint valid, since I've spent the last five or so months responding to it in various failures in code.

Still, I'm thinking, and having things hacked for me, and still maybe there's a solution within the structure.


I figured it out, how to make things work. So we're live. It's up. Send us poetry. Send it now.