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Drew Burk — New Structure, New Blood


Maybe you've noticed this, that there's a dedicated area. This is our new, our little place where we'll talk to you. All of us, not just me. The next change you'll notice will be over on the proper Spork site (this, then would be the improper Spork site), where the focus will simultaneously narrow and broaden.

We're at work, on things, but we've a mandate that we can't talk about it until a thing exists. So that's all I'll say about that for the moment.

New blood: You'll see, soon, here, and elsewhere, that there's more to Spork, that there are more of us. In addition to Richard Siken and myself, there's also (in alphabetical order) Joel Arthur, Jake Levine and Andrew Shuta (or: Andrew Shuta, Jake Levine and Joel Arthur). Everyone does everything (except only I do fiction).