05/04/2011: MontevidayoSpork
04/10/2011: I get in arguments sometimes (Sorry, Jules. Sorry HG)
04/09/2011: New Podcast -- "When God Came Back I Became Alone" by James DiGiovanna, performed by Steve Krolikowski
03/28/2011: G-lectroGothmo show
03/27/2011: Weekly Fiction, two weeks ago.
03/16/2011: Two new chapbooks for release March 26
03/01/2011: Higher and higher. We movin on up.
02/26/2011: Going into reprints and rethinks and moving along now.
01/23/2011: Bitter but with style.
01/23/2011: Spork Films
12/07/2010: A Selection of the images scattered about the Spork site
11/09/2010: A review we missed.
10/31/2010: Dzanc Best of the Web Nominations
10/29/2010: re: rejection letters
08/29/2010: The chapbooks, the fiction, the poetry, the issue...
08/18/2010: Images from the Spork/Powhaus LIT! Event
08/18/2010: Jumbled recap.
07/17/2010: Paper stackin...
07/13/2010: More Chapbook Work
07/06/2010: Dan Beachy-Quick Blurb
07/01/2010: Prep for LIT!, the super Spork-Event
06/23/2010: But, more importantly...
06/04/2010: FreeWheelin And Dealin
05/29/2010: Issue 9.1
05/21/2010: More work, more Hobart.
05/11/2010: Another step.
05/10/2010: What the hell are you doing?
05/07/2010: Tucson
05/06/2010: Citizens of Interweb, Send Me Your Throats!
05/05/2010: Go on and upgrade it, I dare you.
05/05/2010: Blood
05/04/2010: New Structure, New Blood