Spork Press is accepting submissions for its online magazine, Sporklet, as well as for its 2019 catalog. Please submit as a PDF. There is no reading fee. Simultaneous submissions welcome.

Full Length Manuscripts:

Poetry manuscripts must be at least 48 pages and submitted as a PDF. For works of fiction over 100 pages, please send a synopsis and an excerpt that is 20-40 pages in length. It will likely take us up to two months to respond. There is no reading fee. Simultaneous submissions welcome.

Submissions to Sporklet:

Poetry submissions should be 6-12 pages long. We like to feature several poems by each author. We are also very fond of long poems. Fiction submissions can include up to three short stories. There is no length limit for hybrid work.

We are not considering children’s books, young adult fiction, comics, biography, journalism, or plays at this time. Personal essays that complicate the form are always welcome. Please send to the “other” link.

Things you should consider before submitting:


For hybrid work, or for poets who work with long lines or visual elements, you must have an understanding of the six-by-nine inch page. In print, given the margins, it’s difficult to accommodate a line of text (basic font, 11- or 12-point) that’s longer than four and a half inches. You would think the web would be more forgiving, but it isn’t. To make a webpage scalable—that is, to make it work cross-platform: desktop, laptop, tablet, phone—the six-by-nine inch page works best for formatting needs and readability. If your work uses the field of the eight and a half by eleven page, we can’t publish it. If your work relies on visual elements—glyphs, jpegs, handwriting, erasures, special or multiple fonts, font sizes, or colors, then we can’t publish it. We have to transfer text to htlm. Each platform and each computer makes decisions about html. If a font isn’t installed on a computer, it will be substituted. And text is basically “poured” into a viewing window. The elements shift around, depending on the size of the window. Given this, there’s no way to honor visual intent. At best, for now, for us, heavily visual work can only be published as a jpeg or (with extensive coding) an e-pub, which isn’t optimal. And, also and especially: We live in a time of ubiquitous graphic design—art, album covers, posters, infographics, advertising, and web design. We’re savvy to it. If you’re using visual elements, we’ll be considering the visual elements—their power, innovation, aesthetics, and implementation in service of the work.


If you’ve been placing work quickly, please (re)consider the need for simultaneous submissions. In the past, when print journals received poems sent though the mail, and had to respond through the mail, it could take up to six months to get an accept/reject letter. Turnaround can be immediate now, but editors can only read so many submissions a day. It’s unlikely that I can get to your submission in the first two weeks. And if I like it, or have editorial concerns, I need at least a week to mull it over. Some of the work I love the most is the work I had to think really hard about. If acceptance is rare, don’t worry about this. But if you’re likely to get work accepted within three weeks, perhaps it’s time to let each editor sit with your work for a while before you start making partial (or even full) withdrawals. It’s becoming more and more common for authors to send me work and then pull it the same week. As an editor, I’m looking to develop relationships with authors, to continue to publish and support them. It’s hard to invest in someone who keeps submitting and withdrawing.


Spork is invested in voice-driven work. We’re looking for poems that evoke, rather than recount. We’re looking for fiction with narrators that inhabit and enact. We want speakers that can render their investment in the subject matter. We’re not interested in untethered philosophy, undigested biography, or work that lacks complications, frictions, textures, or considered attention to language. There are venues for all work, and we don’t believe that any aesthetic is better than any other, but we can only publish and promote what interests and excites us.

For full-length manuscripts, submit here: Books
To submit to Sporklet: Sporklet


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