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Poems After Magritte || Daniel Hudon

This is Not a Poem
In the beginning was the Song of Love:
a ball, a factory, a half-hidden plume of smoke,
a Greek statue’s head and a rubber glove.
The problem of the rose, the problem of the sea,
the problem of the curtain that wouldn’t open.
In the desert lies a coffin of wood:
polished, nameless, without inscriptions,
under a brilliant sun and a festival of sky.
A ship of waves,
a bird with clouds outstretched, flying,
a candle made of stone, burning,
emitting pebbles of light.
(a little of the bandit’s soul,
played by solo cello.)
In the word was a thought:
invisible, unattached, free to explore
the banality of familiar objects
(or the vernacular of eternity).
The dreams of upholstered furniture,
the question of our Saturdays,
a broken landscape.
In the forest walked a blindfolded man–
On the table was a severed hand–
In the closet hung a voluptuous dress.
The Misanthropes
Drawn to one side, and tied with a belt near
the bottom, the curtains gathered on the empty
plain like the heads on Easter Island.
Removed from their duty, they loomed under the gray
sky, oblivious to the brilliant light of the setting sun
obscured in the distance.
The Lost Jockey
Galloping across a desolate landscape
Galloping along a precipice
Galloping behind open curtains, to a burlesque soundtrack
Galloping among forests of bilboquets,
branched and green, like silhouettes of chessmen
Galloping above a chauffered Model T
Galloping through an empty room
Daniel Hudon, originally from Canada, wonders about the future of statues and in his spare time writes instructions for how to build natural things as well as eulogies for extinct species. He teaches math, physics and writing part-time and has had recent work appear in The Meadowland Review, The Wilderness House Literary Review, Clarion and The Boston Globe.. A chapbook of his prose and poetry, Evidence for Rainfall, was published in 2010 by Pen and Anvil Press and a nonfiction book, The Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos, was published in 2009 by Oval Books (UK). He is the 2011 winner of the Tiferet Journal nonfiction prize. His writing links can be found at people.bu.edu/hudon. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.